1 Expansive Respondent Base

Our expansive respondent base in the US and globally give us the capability to field surveys in every segment from consumer, B2B, technology, teens, Hispanics and international. Sample Czar's extensive registration profile sub-segmented into consumer and business provides us with the elemental data points that are crucial to the current segmentation of most studies.

2 Superior Data

Sample Czar is committed to maintaining the integrity of the data by enforcing rigid frequency of survey restrictions and aggressively unsubscribing speed-through and other bad data respondents. One core objective is to empanel members of the general internet population and encourage these members to take occasional surveys not bombard the same respondents with multiple invitations a day.

3 Seamless Integration

Our technology is agnostic and seamlessly integrates into our clients' operational program and host environment.

4 Secure Technology

We have taken the best-practices in the marketplace and developed a world-class technology that allows us to keep your projects safe and secure. Survey access is limited to once per invitation thereby denying PSTs multiple access. IP address checks are from multiple sources, protecting the process from fraud.

5 Dedicated and Centralized Service

Sample Czar provides 24/7 service with a single point of contact. All elements from recruiting, fielding and client interaction are centralized. Clients are serviced by a sales person who is also involved in recruiting of respondents and fielding of projects.